Red Tea Detox

The Red Tea Detox programs have started gaining momentum in recent years. These are essentially just like any green detox program, except the drinks contain different ingredients. Mostly fruits and berries which give the drinks a reddish hue.


The Red Tea Detox program combines powerful red smoothies and diet plans to achieve unreal results.

Liz Swan Miller has created a tremendous program here that provides a total cleanse diet consisting of raw vegetables, green leaves, fruit juices and salads.

This program is ideal for individuals who would like to shed excess fat and clean their digestive system. My clients love this total body cleanse product and rave about the results.

This is also a great program for beginners because it provides quick lasting results!

The main benefits of the Red Tea Detox include:

  • Increased blood oxygen content

  • Improved immunity

  • Helps in weight management

  • Last for an average of 3 days only

  • Delivers rapid results